My first post…

…from the New and Improved Bridge.

I’m still transferring files over from the old brick so it’s still sitting here on the floor next to me. I also have a 160gb drive that was corrupted with my laptop fried. I’m working on salvaging everything from it that I can before reformatting it and hoping that it is still usable after giving it a shiny new MBR and file system.

I haven’t figured out how to resize pictures yet on the mac so if you click on the photo to “make bigger” as I usually say, it will actually make it “freaking huge” so fair warning.

Finally, I mentioned my Son’s concert Wednesday. It was wonderful and, just so yoiu all get to share in a little of it (and to brag a bit as well), I present the Old Dominion University Wind Ensemble performing Cecile Chaminade’s “Concertino for Flute and Band” featuring Joshua Stone – Flute Soloist.

This text will be replaced

The kid can play can’t he? (I call him a kid…he’s 21 years old and has a kid of his own…I feel old sometimes)


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