A few of you already know, but now it’s official:

VCDL is pleased to announce a new dimension in our efforts to keep the membership informed of state level concerns and firearm rights issues in general. Two of our members, Curtis Stone and Clint Kritzer, created a new blog endorsed by the leadership of the organization.

The blog will be moderated to make sure that it stays family friendly. This, in concert with the VA-ALERT system, will help keep VCDL membership the best informed and energized grass roots pro-rights organization in the nation.

Check us out daily for late breaking news and commentary from the front line of the war to preserve our rights. This is another avenue for you to contribute your suggestions and opinions on current efforts and issues. If you are already a blogger, please link to us and help keep your readers informed of the happenings in the Commonwealth.

The link to the newest tool in our fight to defend OUR Right to Keep and Bear Arms in Virginia is:

I doubt that anyone even remembers now, but back in February I alluded to a super special project that I was working on. Well…there you go. It took a little longer to get things rolling than I expected, but I’ll post more on that later.

Along with my friend, fellow VCDL member and regular contributor here, Clint, I am now one of two official VCDL bloggers. I may make some cross posts now and again, but basically, my VCDL posts will now be occurring over there rather than here.

We’d appreciate some linky love if any other gun bloggers out there feel inclined.

I would especially like to point out our links list in the sidebar. I put a lot of work into it and I think it’s probably the most comprehensive list of gun related resource links on the internet. Check it out when you have a week or two of spare time.

Feel free to drop me a line if I missed any important resources. I’m sure there are plenty more gun related blogs that I missed so be sure to let me know about them. By the way, while researching the links, I realized that a few of the state level gun rights organizations don’t have an internet presence. If you live in any of those states, I’m sure they could use some help with that. Heck, even just a small site hosted on on a “free” webspace with nothing more than contact info would be better than nothing.


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