Blog Bash Day 1

I’m tired.

The day went well. It started out a little inauspiciously. My boots were still wet and it looked like it might rain again, so I put my still damp socks back on and wore the wet boots.

I did bring another pair of shoes, but I didn’t want to wear them and take a chance on it raining again…then I’d have both a wet pair of boots and a wet pair of shoes and nothing dry to wear.

Well, the rain thankfully held off and it actually cleared up later in the day. The sky was clear by the end of the day.

The first event was the grassroots workshop. Phillip and Dennis were there and I ended up meeting with several other bloggers including Sebastian, Robb Allen, SayUncle, Joe Huffman, and my roomie, Thirdpower.

I got there early enough for a little breakfast and several dainty cups of coffee. Why are hotel coffee cups so small? Don’t they know they may get crusty old retired Chiefs occassionally that are used to coffee cups with capacities measured in quarts? But I digress.
We heard from many of the leaders of the NRA. The workshop itself was pretty good, but didn’t really break any new ground. They talked about the pending legislation that we’ve been following closely. They talked about the Heller case, They talked about methods of outreach, what types of help we can offer for campaigns and in spreading the word. I’ll have more details later. After I have time to decompress and review my notes and the audio that I recorded.

Thirdpower and I ran to the hotel room, dropped of his stuff and my bike (and I changed shoes and socks) and we hopped in his car to head for the Expo center.

I got checked in with the media office and got my media badge and then they escorted us to the media line to get into the Leadership Forum. After the obligatory strip search (I exaggerate, of course) we found our spots in the media bullpen.

It was actually very cool, we were escorted down to the front to take pictures of a couple of the speakers from close up, had tables to use for note-taking etc. Had our own monitors with which to watch the action. It was an interesting experience.

The forum was WAY to long if you ask me. The speeches, again, didn’t break any new ground. I suppose for people who don’t stay up on the day to day details like bloggers and blog readers do, it was probaby informative, but nothing was covered that we didn’t already know about.

The highlight of the session were Navy Seal Marcus Luttrell and Army Special Forces Sargeant Greg Stube who were both injured during operations in the War on Islamic Extremism. I enjoyed them much more than the canned speeches from the politicians. Again, I need to sift through the (4 hours of) audio from it before trying to post specifics but I don’t think there will be any big surprises.

Finally, we bloggers ajourned to the Bass Pro Shops across the river in Indiana for “happy hour” with Michael Bane along with others from the Outdoor channel and Todd Jarrett,

Other bloggers in attendence (in addition to those already mentioned) included Squeeky, Rustmeister, xrlq, and many others. If I didn’t mention you specifically, it’s nothing personal…I’m senile, remember?

Anyway, I’m exhausted so we’re hitting the sack. We’ve got a “demonstration” from FN first thing in the AM so ujp and at ’em early. And, hopefully, we’ll get a chance to tour the exhibit hall tomorrow. Just didn’t have time today between the three hour morning workshop and 4 hour afternoon forum.

That’s all for now. More later.


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