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“Explosion” at gun range:

Battalion chief Leon Dextradeur said the explosion happened at 1:30 p.m. Sunday at A&P Arms, a shooting range on Lishelle Place in the Lynnhaven section of the city. The explosion, which occurred in the section of the building where customers shoot at targets, set off a flash fire that burned seven of the 15 people who were in the range at the time. Two of the victims were listed as critical when they arrived at the hospital.

Prayers go out to the victims. If anyone knows more about what happened, please comment or shoot me an e-mail.

Stand by for PSH in 5…4…3…2….

And: no, I don’t know why it took two days for the story to make it into the local paper.

Update: Another story from a different local paper. Fire but no mention of “explosion”. And the PSH begins.

The fire that ripped through an indoor shooting range Sunday, injuring seven people, is the latest in a string of problems at the facility.


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