Criminals would NEVER…

…shout police when invading your home now would they?

Two men and a woman were in a home on Valley Court when someone kicked open the front door and yelled “police,” according to reports.

The man produced a gun and fired one shot into a staircase. The occupants fled into another part of the home and called 911. The intruder fled before police arrived.

I found this story (Google is our friend) when formulating a rebuttal to a commenter on the Ryan Frederick story who opined (among other things):

CRIMINALS aren’t going to yell “POLICE SEARCH WARRANT” at your front door for several minutes before trying to enter your house… In addition, criminals are probably going to come in through the back door and not the front where there could be witnesses.

I knew this contention would be simple to rebut, but I didn’t know it had happened again just last week and only a couple of hours from here.

I would also note that, according to testimony, the Police yelled “POLICE SEARCH WARRANT” in the Frederick case for a MAXIMUM of 16 seconds…not minutes…before trying to break down his door.


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