CZ-82 Gunsmithing Part 3

I know it’s been a while since the las CZ gunsmithing post but, as many of you know, I’ve had a lot going on.

I’m still caring for the wife following her surgery last Friday, but she is doing surprisingly well and isn’t requiring as much waiting-on as I’d anticipated.

This weekend is the 2A Blog Bash so I’ll be leaving for Louisville via Indianapolis on Thursday morning so I don’t know when I’ll get the next one up. It may be a while again.

In any case, without further ado:

In the first post of the series, we Introduced the CZ-82 to our collection and identified the areas that needed work.
In CZ-82 Gunsmithing Part 1, we discussed the loose grips issue and disassembled the slide components.
In CZ-82 Gunsmithing Part 2, we disassembled the magazine catch and lightened the magazine catch spring tension.

In this edition, we’re going to remove the safety and disassemble the slide.

As usual, click all pix to make bigger.

Also as usual, this post takes up where the last one left off so it assumes the pistol is already partially disassembled. If you are starting from a complete pistol, please remove the magazine and ensure that the chamber is empty before beginning.

The safety is actually very simple and easy to remove.

Just drive out the pin…

…and pull it to the rear and off.

There is a little bit of disassembly to be done.

The silver “safety latch” seen in this picture is what provides positive locking in the safe or fire positions. It is spring loaded and presses against a steel ball that is swaged into a recess in the frame.

It is only held in by the pressure of the spring and pops right out. Then the safety latch spring is pulled out of its hole in the safety.

Pretty simple.

The only trouble I had was getting the pin moving to remove it. I had to use a starter punch to break it loose, but once it started moving, it came right out with a pin punch. The rest was cake.

I decided to add disassembling the slide to this post as well just because neither the slide nor safety were very complicated and made for fairly short posts. If you haven’t removed the slide from the pistol yet, see Post One for field stripping instructions.

The first thing to remove from the slide is the firing pin.

The firing pin is spring loaded and is held in by the firing pin stop. To remove the stop, press in on the rear of the firing pin and then slide the stop down and out of the slide.

Have your palm over the rear of the slide before completely removing the stop or you’ll fire the pin and spring across the room.

Next is the rear sight. It is peened in place and shouldn’t move easily but can be drifted out of the dovetail in the slide. I’ve since heard that it should be removed from left to right but I didn’t know that at the time and I did it the opposite. I’ve experienced no ill effects from doing it the “wrong” way so take it for what its worth.

I clamped the slide in padded vise jaws to do this in order to keep the slightly rounded slide from shifting while trying to drift off the sight.

The front sight is held in by a single pin but I didn’t remove it because I had broken the pin punch that I needed to do it and hadn’t replaced it yet. There is really no reason to remove the front sight anyway unless it’s being replaced.

Next is the extractor. It is held in by a pin that runs from top to bottom through the slide. I drove the pin out from the bottom and, as you can see, I clamped the slide in the vise again. This served the purpose of holding the slide stable while driving out the pin, but it also served another purpose as well. The extractor is under spring tension and using the vise to hold the slide compresses the spring, removing the tension and preventing it from being ejected from the slide once the pin is free.

I should also mention that this pin was pretty tough to get out. I ended up having to use a starter punch to get it out as far as I could and I still ended up breaking a pin punch driving it the rest of the way out. I don’t like having to beat on itty-bitty gun parts that hard to get them out…but ya gotta do what ya gotta do.

After the pin is out, be sure to carefully and slowly open the vise jaws to keep the extractor and spring under control.

That’s all there is to it.

In the next CZ post, we’ll remove the slide stop and the trigger, trigger spring and trigger bar. I may try to get that one in before leaving on Thursday but I can’t make any promises.

Next Post in the series.


7 thoughts on “CZ-82 Gunsmithing Part 3

  1. quick question sir, well maybe i should thank you first. your cz-82 posts have helped me with various problems i have encountered. The latest is some what disturbing. I took a trip to a gun range and as i was firing away on magazine number 2 i felt something hit my face. turns out the firing pin stop, firing pin, and the spring all flew off. the spring was caught in my beard (sort of funny)and the pin and stop i found on the floor. i did not miss handle the pistol, quickly unloaded it and placed all the parts back in there place. i did not attempt to fire the pistol again. i am at a loss as to how this happened, and kind of afraid of firing the pistol. i have two of them and will use the other pistol for now (the cz is my carry pistol). any idea as to how this could have happened or if it is safe to use the pistol again? any way to prevent this from happening again? any input would be appreciated, thanks, Chino

  2. I have to admit, you’ve got me on this one. I’ve never heard of it happening before.

    Although the only thing that holds the firing pin stop in is the spring tension of the firing pin spring, holding the rear of the firing pin in the firing pin stop hole, when firing, the firing pin should never move forward far enough to clear the hole and release the stop…the primer gets in the way.

    I suppose this could indicate that your firing pin is too short and is moving too far forward.

    Compare the firing pin of the gun that this happened with to the firing pin of your “good” CZ and see if one is longer.

    However, I would think that a firing pin worn that much would be prone to light strikes and misfires so I doubt that that’s the problem.

    I’d say more likely that the slots in the rear of the slide that hold the firing pin stop are worn out or broken (check for rounded edges on the slots or see if you can get the stop to release from the slots if you move it as far to one side or the other as you can.

    Otherwise the stop itself may be damaged or worn.

    If you can’t find any visible damage, the safest bet is always to take it to a gunsmith and see what they can figure out…or call CZ-USA and ask their engineers for advice.

    I hope that helped. Sorry I couldn’t be more precise about it, but without actually being able to see the gun, it’s hard to diagnose.

  3. I bought my 82 from Classic Arms.Due to health,I did not fire it for about three months.Took it out and fired a couple of clips finally.Went home and went to clean it and much to my surprise the extractor and spring were missing!The pin that should hold these things in place is still there in place?Ever here of this?
    Oh yea I received two clips ,black leather thumb break holster and black clip holster. $169.00 , outrageous $40.00 dollars shipping and $20.00 dollar transfer.
    Still I would have been happy since the weapon was as new.Now searching for spring and extractor.
    Love your posts,keep up the great work!

  4. The pin that should hold these things in place is still there in place?Ever here of this?


    That's weird. If it was working OK during firing, the extractor must have disappeared somewhere between firing the last shot and getting it home to clean.

    The extractor is actually pretty robust. I've never heard of one breaking…or even wearing out for that matter.

    You should be able to get a CZ-83 extractor and spring (which should work fine in a CZ-82) from CZ-USA. Give them a call.

    Let me know if you ever figure out what happened. I'd be interested to find out what caused it.

  5. My firing pin block did the same to me poped out yesterday after searching the Internet i seen this …weird thing is my extractor also shot out as well same range trip…the pin holding it was still in place .lucky i had a spare extractor on hand .as far as the firing pin block im worried .i also notice light primer strikes some ammo not firing .looking at the firing pin it looks ok but im lost as to why it poped out..

  6. My extractor also fell out after the second time I had the pistol out. After the first time I had it out, I liked the CZ so much that I sold my Polish Makarov and sent the CZ out for blue job. Not sure if the extractor “departed” due to the retaining pin having been previously removed but my CZ functioned perfectly w/o the extractor using Brown “dirty” Bear ammo. I did find the extractor, cleaned and degreased the slide and reinstalled the extractor / retaining pin with a little Loctite “Bearing Mount” in the retaining pin hole. I expect the problem to be solved.
    Thanks to Sailorcurt for a very nicely written series on the CZ82 !

  7. I really like the info you’ve posted.I just bought a cz 82 and I’m planning to parkerize it.I got the all the paint off but now the hammer won’t stay retracted for some reason. All the parts are there and it functioned fine before I started dis assemble it. (i only removed the grips,magazine and the slide release.) Am I missing something? If you could point me in the right direction I’d be very grateful. Thanks,

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