A great Post…

…over at Tidewater Liberty including a very plausible theory about why the Prosecutor may have dropped the drug charges against Ryan Frederick.

So, what is different about that charge and the more serious murder and firearms charges? Well, for a start, the possession charge rests entirely on the results of the search warrant, while the others are supported by testimony from the police.

What if there is a serious problem with the warrant? Is it possible that the possession charge was dropped in order to keep those problems from the eyes of the jury when considering the more serious charges? And what if the problems with the warrant reflect on the other testimony from the police?

Well, the warrant was obtained by none other than Det. Kiley Roberts, the prime witness against Frederick in the murder charge. If the warrant were made relevant to the testimony by prosecuting the possession charge, the doubts about the warrant could cast doubt on all of his testimony under cross examination.

Go read the whole thing, it makes some excellent points.


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