Home again, home again, jiggity jig

(whatever that means)

What a GLORIOUS day for motorcycl…what?

oh…yeah, ok, so it was raining on me all freaking day…

but other than that it was a GLORIOUS day for motor…huh?

yeah, it was a very windy and gusty and it did blow me around quite a bit, and with the slick roads from the rain, that did make it a bit tense at times…

but other than that it was a GLOR…

Yes, yes, the mist and fog made visibility suck most of the day; which, combined with the rain and slick roads and wind, did make for some discomfort…

but other than that it was…

Ok, ok…yes, it was a little cold so you could say it was a bit miserable being both cold AND wet all day…

but other than THAT, it was a GLORIOUS day for motorcycling.

And I still say a miserable day on a motorcycle is better than a good day in a cage (what we bikers call an enclosed four wheeled motor transport for those non-biker trash type people out there).

Anyway…some general stats:

Total distance traveled round trip: 1,338.9 miles
Total travel time (including stops): Approximately 25 hours.
Total travel time in the rain: Approximately 16 hours.
Amount of water absorbed by boots, gloves and other assorted attire: Approximately 22.8 pounds.

Ok…I made that last one up…but it’s probably still pretty accurate.

Anyway, despite the hardships (and, perhaps partly because of them) I enjoyed the trip thoroughly and am glad I did it.

I’ll try to get some of the media files transferred over between computers and get some more detailed posts up over the next few days.


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