I see famous people

Wow. I hardly know where to begin. It’s pretty overwhelming.

Thirdpower and I wandered around the exhibit floor for a while and saw wonderous and incredible things.

David Hardy and David Young, Second Amendment scholars extraordinaire, were at their booth and spoke to us for a while. Thirdpower got a good picture of David Hardy and I together but I haven’t gotten a copy from him yet. We ran across Cam Edwards from NRA News and spoke to him for a while. I mentioned that I’m a big Ted Nugent fan and he said that he’s going to be interviewing him later an this afternoon and if I stop back by, he’d introduce me. I’m going to give a try and see if it pans out. I ran into Phillip and Dennis from VCDL on the floor again and we spoke for a bit.

We stopped by Lauer custom weaponry to admire the Bloomberg collection and spoke to them for a while.


We stopped by Barret and thanked them for the stand that they take against government over-reach.

This afternoon we’re supposed to meet Sandra Froman this afternoon. As well as the “In your own words” forum that Sebastian is speaking at. I’ve got to try to get back in to meet Ted. Busy, busy, busy.

Stand by…more to come.


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