I’m here

I ended up having to bypass Indianapolis because the buddy I was going to go see there got stuck in Kansas (long story, don’t ask). I didn’t find out, however, until I was already in Cincinnatti. Luckily, we made contact before I got all the way to Indy. Anyway, I called the hotel and, Miracle of Miracles, the room that I had reserved was open for tonight so I shot down 71 to Louisville and I’m safely ensconsed in my room.

Now the bad news. The last, oh, 250 miles or so were in…um…less than ideal conditions.

Here…let me just show you.

The picture doesn’t really express the extent of it. It was freaking pouring.

No real harm done. I’ve done this whole “trip on a motorcycle” thing once or twice before so I was prepared. Still sucks.

What’s funny is that I have a CB on my bike and I like to listen to (and sometimes talk to) the truckers when I’m on the road. I passed a gaggle of them that were talking and they kept commenting about the crazy biker riding in the rain. One of them opined that he thought I must have a death wish.

They were a bit surprised when I responded to them and we had a nice talk for a few miles until I outstripped them and got out of range.

Anyway, I’m here, safe and sound and wet. My rain gear, gloves and assorted other nicknacks are hanging in the shower drying as we speak.

I hope my boots are dried out by tomorrow.

Heck…I hope the rain stops by tomorrow.

Anway…more to come from beautiful downtown Louisville.


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