Here I am…

In beautiful Washington State.

At least I’m told it’s beautiful…I haven’t seen it yet.

I was supposed to be here around noon yesterday, but my first flight got canceled. Because I my wife had dropped me off at the airport before she went to work, I had no wheels so I ended up just sitting around the airport from about 8am to 2:45pm.

My newly scheduled flight didn’t get to SEATAC airport until almost 9:00 last night…by the time I retrieved my luggage (which, miracle of miracles, made the flight switch without ending up in East Cleveland or Zimbabwe) got my rental car, drove to Silverdale and got settled into the hotel it was about midnight.

I set the alarm for 6, but woke up at 5 and couldn’t go back to sleep so…here I am.

Off to an auspicious start we are.


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