I realize that…

…defensive firearms are frowned upon in the PRC; but…what, does nobody carry a tire iron anymore?

As they got closer, the couple saw the man brutally beating the toddler behind his truck and throwing the child on the ground, according to Singh. Two or three other cars stopped…

“What we got from witnesses is he was punching, slapping, kicking, stomping, shaking,” Singh said. “They tried to intervene and get involved, but their efforts really didn’t have an effect. The suspect was engaged in what he was doing. He just pushed them off and went back to it.”

I’m thinking that if I witnessed a man beating a toddler to death, it would take a lot more than “push[ing me] off” to keep me from braining the monster whether I was carrying a handgun or not.

We live in a world full of sheep.

Hat tip to David Hardy


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