Pin Shoot 2

I sucked. I guess last time was just beginner’s luck.

That said, it was still a lot of fun, and the soft nose rounds in the M1 Carbine did wonders for knocking the pins off the table this time.

I shot some video; about 36 minutes of it before my batteries ran down…most of it of yours truly and too embarrassing to post, but great for reviewing for improvement…here’s a nice selection condensed down to less than three minutes. Take note of the young gentleman shooting the revolver under the capable tutelage of his father.

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The guy with the black T-shirt and khaki hat is a Marine. When I asked if he minded if I filmed, he said “no, my family likes stuff like this so they can see what I’m up to”, so I put two clips of him shooting in there (first with a major caliber pistol and then with his M4 adapted to shoot .22lr). I gave him a Captain of a Crew of One business card so I hope he finds it.

If so, I think I forgot to tell you Saturday: Thanks for your service brother.


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