Police Coverup in Ryan Frederick Case?

News from the local CBS affiliate shedding more light (or casting more shadows) on the Ryan Frederick railroading persecution prosecution:

Frederick’s family revealed a bullet hole inside the home they say was caused by police fire. The hole passes through a corner by Frederick’s back bedroom. Family members said, and Frederick’s attorney confirmed, that police went to the home days after the shooting and plugged the hole with some kind of putty or filler. Defense investigators have pictures of the hole before and after the filler was added, according to attorney James Broccoletti.

(there’s more, RTWT)

An empty .223 shell casing listed on the search warrant as found on the scene was mentioned previously. The Police have maintained throughout that officers did not fire their weapons.

Personally, I wouldn’t think that the fact that an officer may have fired a round is that big of deal. Frederick never said that he was returning fire, only that he shot at intruders breaking down his door. If the Police fired AFTER Frederick did, I don’t see how that would be considered unjustified.

What is damning about it and places suspicion on the whole incident, is the fact that the Police are trying to cover it up. They patched the hole? WTF?

That alone is enough to condemn the Chesapeake Police Department as a criminal organization. These types of incidents (which apparently happen regularly) are what lead me to have NO faith in our law enforcement agencies and judicial system to actually serve justice. Law enforcement and the judicial system seem to only care about serving themselves.

The way my father raised me is, when you make a mistake, you admit it, own up to it and face the consequences like a man. Our Police seemingly never learned that lesson as children.

Kudos to our local press and a big hat tip to Radley Balko who has been on top of this since the beginning.


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