They finally get it right

at the Salt Lake City tribune:

A container of M-16 machine guns, which fell from the back of a Humvee on Tuesday afternoon at Hill Air Force Base, likely was off the installation within minutes…And that means the small caliber rifles, which Smith estimated are worth up to $5,000 each on the street, now could be anywhere. [emphasis added]

So, when in the hands of mere lowly citizens, semi-automatic rifles with a military appearance are “high powered”, “rapid fire” “assault weapons”.

But, when in the hands of (or, more correctly in this case, slipping through the fingers of) agents of government…you know…the “only ones” qualified to possess and operate firearms…actual, select-fire military assault rifles mysteriously become “small caliber rifles”.

Nope. No bias in OUR media. No way. Silly of us to even entertain the thought.


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