What Biased Media?

From the recent VCDL VA-Alert (Item #4):

I’m a transplanted VCDL member living behind enemy lines in the People’s Republic of Connecticut after leaving Albemarle County behind last summer.

My wife and I stepped out of our rental car to take some pictures when a man approached me wearing an ID lanyard that said “PRESS” and introduced himself as a reporter from Chicago wanting to know if he could ask me a few questions for a story he was doing about the National Parks. Sure! What could he possibly want to talk about? The status of the Olympic Marmot? Global warming?


“I’m doing a story about a proposed rule change that’s being discussed right now that would allow firearms to be carried in National Parks…and for the record, I’m against it.”

Today, I found his article online (http://tinyurl.com/5s2goy) and I was not at all surprised that there was no mention of my discussion with him, only people who agreed wholeheartedly with his stance.

Mr. Williams did a great job of making our case to the reporter; RTWT.


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