12 "assault weapons"…

…”netted” in a “gun buyback” program

Twelve assault weapons and 25 shotguns were among the ordnance turned in at six churches across Brooklyn, a spokesman for Brooklyn District Attorney Charles Hynes confirmed.

Each of the 687 guns netted a $200 Chase Bank card for the person who turned it in. The transactions were anonymous with no questions asked.

I’d be willing to bet that the “assault weapons” were SKS rifles…probably with cracked stocks or bad gas systems. Any takers? I wish I’d heard about this earlier. I’ve got an old Springfield shotgun that’s worth maybe $50 that I could have turned in. Of course, it wouldn’t be worth the gas to get there and back, but maybe someone will hold one around here?

What a bargain. Turn in your old, inoperable, virtually worthless guns for a $200 debit card.

Because it’s “worth it” for a city like Brooklyn to “buy back” guns that they never owned and “get them off the streets”…or out of closets, attics and junk piles…whatever.

By the way…they had almost 700 guns turned in and only got 12 “assault weapons”? I thought “assault weapons” were the new “weapon of choice” for gang bangers and criminals??? If they’re that popular, and if these “buybacks” actually do what they purport to do, I’d think they’d have gotten a lot higher percentage of “assault weapons” “off the streets”.

If they had that many turned in, I also have to wonder how many gunsmiths and gun dealers in Upstate cleaned out their junk piles and took advantage of the opportunity to do better than they would have turning them in as scrap.

Sorry for all the quotes. I just can’t type their propaganda catch-phrases without the quotes. They make me nauseous.


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