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Being a robber in Hampton Roads may be hazardous to your health:

An armed-robbery suspect was shot by his potential victim Tuesday, the second time in a week where the tables were quickly turned, police said.

“It is extremely dangerous for juveniles, or anyone else, to take part in armed robberies,” Eley said. “There is always the possibility that the person being robbed is armed, and that was the case in this instance. Juveniles should not have weapons in the first place.”

It would have been nice to have seen the author place more emphasis on the benefits of armed self defense to the potential victims rather than the hazard it presents to perpetrators; but it’s actually a very refreshing change to see the issue even covered in the MSM…even if from a negative standpoint.

Public Service Announcement for criminals: Move to New Jersey. Virginians are not disarmed sheep and plying your chosen trade here may constitute an unhealthful work environment.

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