C-2 Shooting Center Update

A while back I posted a couple of reports on the Creeds rifle range, on Marvin Road, just off of Princess Anne, south of Pungo in Virginia Beach, newly (at the time) rechristened the “C-2 Shooting Center”.

In the first one
, the new management had just taken over and were in the process of renovating. I was very excited about the work they were doing and was looking forward to using their newly revamped facilities.

In the comments to that post, I started hearing some rumors about extreme price changes and customer service problems. I decided to go check it out and, lo and behold, I found that the complaints about the pricing were right on the money…so to speak. I also took some more shots of the still ongoing construction.

After that second post, I was contacted by Mr. Mote. He was quite displeased with my criticism and that of some of the commenters to that post. I offered to post any rebuttal he may like to provide as a full post on the blog. He said he would write one and sent it to me…but he never did. I’ve not heard from him since.

Recently, when checking my referral logs and looking into some of the searches that led people to me, I stumbled across their shiny new web site. I must say, it is very professional and well done.

Judging by the pictures on the site, they are finished with the construction and in full operation. They also included a new price list.

They are no longer charging $30 for the day, they are now charging $12.50 per hour for up to the 100 yard range and $17.50 per hour for everything up to and including the 200/300 yard range (the site is a little vague, it leaves the impression that they are separate prices but I called and confirmed that paying the $17.50 includes the 7 through 100 yard ranges as well as the longer ranges).

They also have reduced prices for family members which they didn’t have before.

So it seems they were somewhat sensitive to the complaints that their prices are too high.

Personally, I still am not thrilled with the pricing. It takes me an hour to get to the facility and an hour to get home. To make the trip worthwhile for me, I generally spend between two and three hours shooting. At those rates, even just using up to the 100 yard range, a trip with myself and my son would cost $75. That’s a year’s membership at Airfield Shooting Club. One trip to Wakefield with my Son as a guest, and my membership has paid for itself.

Plus C-2 doesn’t have a skeet range…Airfield does.

It’s still a no-brainer for me.

Not to mention that their membership prices (unchanged from the last post) are still outrageous in my humble opinion.

For an occasional shooter (like once or twice a year) that only wants to shoot for an hour and lives close enough to make the trip worthwhile, it may be worth it. Otherwise, not so much.

Considering the focus of their web site on military training and group shoots, I’m still convinced that their goal and focus is to become some kind of Blackwater lite and they aren’t overly concerned with recreational or occasional shooters.

As I’ve said before, this is a free country, they had the wherewithall to buy the range and sink the capital into making it what it is…so they are entitled to run it any way they like.

And I’m entitled to disagree with their pricing and policies. Which I do. As they themselves trumpet as if it were an accomplishment that they personally achieved…they have the only public range in the area that has lanes of over 100 yards. They’ve cornered the market…let the gouging begin.

That’s not to say that I won’t ever go there. I may decide that I “need” to shoot at 20o or 300 yards to test my mid range shooting. Also, the training that they offer looks quite intriguing and I may yet avail myself of it. Of course, depending on the price point…Blackwater’s right down the road (actually takes me less time to get there than C-2 because more of it is highway) and in terms of reputation: no contest.

And that leads me into the only criticism I have of their web site: How much does the training cost? How long do the classes last? What equipment do I need to bring? What is provided?

There is no information at all on the training that they provide, other than a list of classes. That section needs work.

At any rate. I report, you decide. The new management has invested a lot of time, effort and capital into turning C-2 into a very nice facility.

But I’ve had mixed reviews on customer service and staff attitudes, and the prices are way too high for me to consider reasonable for recreational shooting…I don’t think I’ll be giving up my membership at Airfield Shooting Club any time soon.


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