The (formerly) Great Britain

I’ve never contributed to the blog trend of documenting the ongoing demise of the place where Great Britain used to be. I tend to just read about it and shake my head in wonder and sadness.

But my best friend sent this to me in e-mail and I haven’t seen it anywhere else so…here’s my contribution to the ongoing case study on the demise of a once great civilization:

Mother stopped from traveling with son in taxi to school because she hasn’t had a criminal record check.

For 14-year-old Alex is severely epileptic and only his parents know how to operate the specialist equipment to help him if he suffers a life-threatening fit.

But that has not stopped Mrs Jones being barred from travelling in the taxi provided by the council to take Alex the five miles to school. Her offence? Not to have had a Criminal Records Bureau check.

Mrs Jones, 41, has fallen foul of the council’s policy which considers anyone travelling with the teenager to be working on its behalf and, therefore, obliged to have CRB clearance.

Mrs Jones, who said she would only go with Alex on the occasional mornings when he looks at risk of having a fit, is now having the check done and expects the all-clear in around six weeks.

The nanny state aspect of the council providing a taxi to take him to school notwithstanding…it’s worthy of discussion, but not what immediately caught my attention.

At least the mother’s still determined to go with him “when he looks at risk of having a fit.” But what if he has one out of the blue and she’s not there with him?

I can’t believe that a mother would just meekly say “OK” and risk her son’s life because of some ridiculous regulation. I’d be traveling with him regardless. “You want to arrest me for it…knock yourself out. Let’s see how that plays in the press.”

Of course, in a country where defending yourself against a violent attack gets you charged with assault, she’d probably get the electric chair for having the audacity to place her son’s life and health over some stupid government regulation.

But here’s the question that immediately came to my mind:

What if she fails the background check? What if she was convicted of some serious crime in the past…like…say…the heinous offense of perpetrating self defense against an innocent attacker?

Would that mean that she’d be forever banned from escorting her son to school? If she’s not fit to take him to school, is she fit to be a parent at all?

What’s the logical conclusion to that scenario? Will Britons soon be required to pass a background check before being permitted to have children?

It boggles the mind.


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