No, criminals would NEVER pose as police officers with search warrants when conducting home invasions. Ryan Fredrick, Cory Maye and all the others who have become victims of Police who think of themselves as “Warriors” engaged in a battle against citizens should have just known that it was the Police knocking down their doors and not criminals invading their homes.

With a SWAT-like precision, they carried out at least 70 home invasions and about 10 burglaries in Denton, Collin, Tarrant, Johnson, Dallas, Rockwall and Ellis counties since 2005.

They posed as police officers and claimed to have fake search warrants. Sometimes they used Google Earth to plot their invasions. They tortured some victims and traded bullets with police.

Update: I didn’t mention it when I first posted this, but it’s bugging me so I’ve gotta say something about it:

“They posed as Police Officers and claimed to have fake search warrants…”

Somehow I doubt that they “claimed to have fake search warrants” when perpetrating home invasions. I would buy either “claimed to have search warrants” or “had fake search warrants” but the combination renders the sentence a bit incredible. I mean: before breaking down a door, did the perps shout “Police!…Fake Search Warrant!…Open the Door!!!”?

Layers of editorial oversight…


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