One more, then I’m off to bed.

Yes, I’m trying to catch up…hence the flood of posts today.

In case anyone missed it, I talked about the VCDL picnic a few weeks ago, which happened right before I soared off to beautiful Washington State.

I also mentioned that it was on ABC Nightline. Here’s a link to the coverage.

Of course, in addition to the reference to the “dispute over whether guns prevent, or cause violence” that I mentioned before, they couldn’t resist the wild west references…but overall, I think they handled the issue fairly and portrayed gun owners in an overall positive light.

I spotted myself in the background of the video more than once, but I don’t think ever clearly enough for anyone else to recognize me. I was very sneaky that day, whether trying to be or not.

Anyway, the picnic was great and, even though he couldn’t resist a little bigoted stereotyping, I think ABC News’ John Donvan did a pretty good job of putting away the PSH for the story.


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