Things that make you go "Hmmmm"

I was watching good morning America this morning while partaking of the wonderful…well…OK…wonderful may be pushing it a little bit…pretty decent…breakfast offered in my Hotel.

One segment of the show focused on the factoid that the economy is listed as the number one concern of Americans right now…they specifically mentioned that the economy was listed over Iraq in importance. They also “happened” to note that Barack NMN Obama was leading the polls with regard to how the public feels the candidates would “do” on the economy.

It struck me immediately because just yesterday, John Stossel posted a great column about how the economy, although currently sluggish, is still growing, but the press is crying about the sky falling and comparing our current economy to the great depression.

Funny: I don’t remember having to stand in a bread line today when buying my lunch. It occurs to me that I don’t know ANYONE that wants a job but is currently unemployed. I’m not saying that they aren’t out there, just that the number doesn’t seem to me to be anywhere near the 23% unemployment rate during the depression.

Yet every day I hear a news report or read in the paper about the dire straights that our economy is in.

When’s the last time you heard anything about Iraq on the news? I wonder why that is? Perhaps because there is very little BAD news to report?

Is there any wonder that the general public places more importance on the slow, but not quite yet disastrous, economy than on the Iraq, is there even a war going on over there any more, war?

Let’s see…the press ignores the issue that the Republican candidate is strong on and blows all out of proportion the issue that the Democrat candidate is strong on…and the public coincidentally places more emphasis on the Democrat’s strong issue over the Republican’s…Hmmmm.


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