Why Carry?

I meant to link to this the other day but just got distracted by other happenings on the interwebz.

My internet friend (and one of the bloggers I’ve actually met in the meat world), Earl, put up a post the other day that perfectly frames the reason that I:
A) Carry a first aid kit, toolbox, jumper cables, tow strap and assorted other emergency equipment in my vehicles 
B) Carry a firearm.
They are inextricably tied to one another and have nothing to do with my relative penis size or wild west fantasies.
Here’s an excerpt, but RTWT.

Recently I have begun to carry a weapon for the belief that I should as a responsible adult. I should love my fellow man, should help render aid to the hurt and unfortunate, that I should support good government, that I should smile and be polite. Yes, as a responsible adult I should be a good citizen and I should be prepared to do what I can to help in all emergency situations and to promote good citizenship in our youth and make the world a better place to live and love.


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