You just can’t make this stuff up

Non gun related, local politics.

Four members of the  Gloucester county Board of Supervisors are under indictment on misdemeanor charges related to conducting county business in private in violation of the “sunshine laws”.
If guilty, their behavior is reprehensible and demonstrates unequivocally a culture of corruption.  If convicted, they should immediately resign.  Some are asking for their resignations now…but I would submit that they are innocent until proven guilty.  The four insist that this is a political witch hunt designed to remove them from office.  
If the people of Gloucester don’t buy their excuse, they can always be voted out during the next election cycle.
But that’s not what this post is about.  In a recent Daily Press article, one of the board members was quoted: 

Woodard spoke briefly and when asked about how he’s facing the charges said that “God is our strength.” Then he added: “Jesus went through it.”

You have GOT to be freaking KIDDING me.  Talk about having delusions of grandeur.  He’s equating being charged and tried on MISDEMEANOR charges with being flogged, tortured and crucified?

No wonder our “public servants” look down upon we little people…they think they are GOD!
You just can’t make this stuff up.

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