And there you have it

After Detective Jarrod Shivers was killed by by a hardened and vicious soda salesman (Ryan Frederick) last January, the Chesapeake Police Department conducted an internal investigation. The details of the results will not be released to the public.

Now THAT’s the way to get to the bottom of it. How about the next time I get a parking ticket, I conduct an internal investigation into my behavior to determine if I need to pay a fine. The results of my exhaustive investigation of myself will be sealed of course.

The Chesapeake Police Department did deign to grace we lowly civilians with a couple of the conclusions of the investigation, however:

Chesapeake police will now issue new tactical vests to its special investigations section.

Police said no other policy or procedure changes have resulted from the internal probe. Police reported in May that their investigation had been completed and that the report would not be made public.

Go figure.

It’s perfectly OK to break down citizens’ doors during the night on nothing more substantial than the word of a criminal. It’s perfectly OK to serve a “knock and announce” warrant by knocking and announcing…and then breaking down the door at the first sign of movement. It’s perfectly OK to assault the homes of private citizens with no criminal record and with no solid evidence that any wrongdoing had occurred.

But, just in case those citizens have the means to defend themselves, we’d better up-armor the stormtroopers.

Where’s the outrage Chesapeake? The silence is deafening.

My your chains rest lightly…


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