July E-postal match Results

Sorry for the delay, I had a very busy weekend and this is the first opportunity I’ve had to sit down and hammer this out.
Without further ado here are the results:

Class 1: Rim Fire, Iron Sights
Merle Ruger SSS .22 Mag 24 Shots, Triple 19
Texas Mike Browning Buckmark 24 Shots, Triple 18
Billll Ruger Mk I 25 Shots
Sailorcurt S&W 22A 26 Shots
Galen Ruger Mk II 31 Shots
TrueBlueSam Ruger Single Six 72 Shots
Danno Ruger 22/45 80 Shots
E.Johnson Ruger 22/45 107 Shots
Class 2: Rim Fire, With Optics
Mr. Completely High Standard Supermatic, Red Dot 23 Shots
Merle Ruger MkII 25 Shots
USCitizen S&W 22A, UltraDOT Pan-A-V 29 Shots
E.Johnson Thompson Center Contender 45 Shots
Class 3: Centerfire, Iron Sights
Sailorcurt CZ vz.82, 9x18mm 20 Shots
Sailorcurt Ruger P97, .45ACP 21 Shots
Merle Ruger O.M. .45LC 28 Shots
E.Johnson Springfield M1911, .45ACP 51 Shots
Earl 9mm Honorable Mention*
Earl Steven’s single shot target Honorable Mention*

If anyone sent an entry but your name isn’t listed, I didn’t get your entry. Please resubmit and leave a comment on this post so I’ll know to look for it.

I have to say that it was harder than I remembered from doing it with a rifle at 50 yards. I couldn’t actually see the numbers or wedges so I had to just aim for spots on the paper.

This was most definitely an “aim small, miss small” situation and required me to use my “reading glasses” trick.

As I’ve gotten older, I have trouble focusing on things close to me. I was having trouble focusing on the front sights. I found that by wearing weak reading glasses for precision shooting, I got a double benefit. Not only could I see the front sight clearly, but I couldn’t focus on the target at all. It forced me to focus my attention on the front sights and makes a huge difference in my accuracy. I used this “trick” when shooting this match and was very happy with how well I shot.

One other thing: My Ruger P97’s trigger is getting hitchy in single action. I need to completely break the gun down and see if it needs a good cleaning or possibly a trigger job. Looks like I’ll have some P97 gunsmithing posts to put up at some point.

Thanks to everyone who participated. This month’s match, “FASTER” is being hosted by Caleb at Call me Ahab.

*Earl tried to shoot the match, and submitted the only rifle target entry, but apparently the rules were a bit unclear. There was no way to score his compared to everyone else’s so he got “Honorable Mention” for sending in his entries. Sorry Earl. I would have contacted you to let you know and give you a chance to re-shoot, but you sent the entries in so late and I was so busy, I just saved them and didn’t actually look them over until I started writing this post.


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