New NRA Spy Theme

Have you noticed that many of the stories coming out today about the Mary McFate controversy include statements from the anti-freedom lobby like “we have nothing to hideand “there was nothing for them to discover“.  

Funny how it took them over a week to realize that they have nothing to hide, now isn’t it?
It’s nothing more than their spin machine.  They realized that the uproar that this has caused…the wailing, the gnashing of teeth, the sweeping for bugs…is making them look like they VERY MUCH have something to hide.  They probably do…like their member rolls (overheard at Brady Campaign headquarters: Hey Paul…have you seen a single sheet of paper with a double spaced list of names?  I was sure I left our member list around here somewhere!)…maybe their plan of action:
  1. Lie about the murder rates of children
  2. Lie about the effectiveness of gun control
  3. Lie about the danger of .50 caliber rifles
  4. Lie about scary looking semi-automatic rifles

Who knows?  

I also have seen calls for the anti-freedom forces to retaliate by infiltrating the NRA and “change it from the inside”.  HA HA HAHAHAhahahaha.  Yeah, the 25 members of the anti-freedom community who actually care enough about the cause to do anything would really be able to sway the 4 MILLION members of the NRA into their way of thinking.
Sorry, George Soros’ fortune doesn’t carry any weight in NRA Board of Director’s elections.  You would actually have to have real people voting to effect any kind of change.  
Anyway, this was not unexpected.  It only surprises me that it took over a week for them to realize how ridiculous they’re making themselves look.

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