Why are anti-gunners so violent? (part 3,456,783)

In my last post I linked to a blog wherein the author opined that liberals should be joining groups like the NRA to “change them from the inside”.

Like, why isn’t every liberal in America signing up to join the NRA in order to change the gun culture from the inside out by getting elected to leadership positions? 

I left a snarky, but relatively unoffensive (IMHO) comment expressing my doubts as to whether that would be an effective strategy or not.  
Here is her entire reply, presented for your edification:
If the NRA has nothing to hide, then why don’t they say something? Let me guess: you’re a male, white, over 35, and I’m getting a visual here: yes. You’ve been handed everything in life on a platter with a silver fork and knife.
Oh, and I bet you’re among the first to complain about the “damned Meskins” taking over all our jobs.
I keep a .410 shotgun to protect myself from slope-browed, overly-entitled Neanderthals like yourself. So if you can track me down and figure out where I live, then all I can say is bring it, you lousy bastard.
I guess she’s one of those people who only trusts herself with guns but we “slope-browed overly-entitled Neanderthals” must be disarmed IMMEDIATELY lest we track down and physically assault all those with whom we disagree.
That’s just funny right there.

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