Another Good…

Post on Ryan Frederick, with something unverified but new that I hadn’t heard anywhere else.

Remember the .223 shell casing listed on the search warrant as found at the scene and the alleged hole in the wall of Ryan’s alleged home allegedly patched by the alleged Chesapeake Police Department?

The police ‘clear up’ the speculation of a .233 calibur shell that was found at the scene. They claim that the shell fell out of the pocket of a SWAT team member that arrived at the scene the after the shooting. Wait. What? The Chesapeake Police ADMITTED TO CONTAMINATING THE CRIME SCENE and they still expect the people of Chesapeake and Hampton Roads to believe them?!? Why does SWAT carry spent shells around with them? If they carry those, how do we know they dont carry baggies of weed as well? They obviously were on something when they carried out this raid. [emphasis in original]


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