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Criminals willing to commit multiple state and federal felonies can still get guns if they want them…even in New Jersey.

Authorities say the guns were purchased in North and South Carolina where Wise simply altered his name and social security number to buy high powered assault weapons and ten thousand rounds of ammunition.

Investigators believe if the guns had gotten into the hands of criminals, the carnage would have been incredible because they are weapons for war.

Excuse me? I hate to tell you this, but those guns were ALREADY in the hands of a criminal.

The PSH in this piece is almost breathtaking. Virtually every sentence was dripping with breathless fear and innuendo.

Equating “survivalist” (aka preparedness) with criminal activity.
Implying that only “assault weapons” can pierce bullet resistant vests.
Semi-automatic “weapons of war”.
Loaded guns are “ready for battle”.
“Thousands of rounds of ammunition”…is that a lot?


The sensationalism of the media is shameful.


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