Equal pay and equal opportunity

I haven’t commented very much on the Presidential race because I know who I’m voting for and don’t expect to change the mind of any of my readers…besides, there are plenty of people talking about it already and much more eloquently that I ever could.

This, however, drew my attention because my wife and I were just talking about the subject the other day. My wife is from a very liberal family. I would actually classify her as more of a left of center libertarian than a liberal…which doesn’t place her viewpoints too far from my right of center libertarian slant.

But she tends to identify with many feminist causes…one of which is equal pay for women.

She was basically supportive of Obama’s “support” for the cause.

So when Cryptic Subterranean linked to Political Punch which linked to this story, it peaked my interest immediately.

Here is the summary of the article’s contents that I sent to my wife:

On Obama’s staff, women average 83 cents for every dollar that men make.
On McCain’s staff, women average $1.04 for every dollar that men make.

Of Obama’s five highest paid employees, one is a woman.
Of McCain’s five highest paid employees, three are women.

Of Obama’s 20 highest paid employees, seven are women.
Of McCain’s 20 highest paid employees, 13 are women.

So. What’s better for women professionals? The one who TALKS about “equal pay for equal work”? Or the one who actually practices it?

Food for thought.


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