A funny thing happened…

…on the way to (and from) Richmond yesterday.

I headed up to Richmond for the State Crime Commission Meeting that was addressing the misleadingly named “gun show loophole” (see details about it here)

The trip was actually pretty uneventful. Traffic wasn’t bad and was flowing pretty well, but there was one guy that was driving me nuts.

He was driving a little silver Honda (I think it was an Accord) with a dent in the trunk lid.

First problem is that he was camped in the left lane. Is it really that much of an effort to get in the right lane when you’re not passing anyone? But he also obviously didn’t have cruise control and wasn’t doing a very good job of regulating his speed. I was on my bike with the cruise set on 75 (my speedometer reads a bit high so I wasn’t actually going that fast) in a 65 zone.

He would fly by me and get several hundred yards ahead…until he’d get next to a another car or big truck…then he’d slow down and match their speed. I’d catch up and be stuck behind them for a mile or so, until he finally creeped ahead of them enough for me to get around.

Then, after I was in front of him again, he’d realize how slow he was going, hit the gas and fly by me again.

Lather, Rinse, Repeat.

This happened all the way to Richmond. He finally exited the highway somewhere around the 295 interchange.

I continued on downtown, actually found a place I could park without having to take out a loan, and attended the meeting. A couple of hours later, I was on my way back home.

Just as I got out of town and hit the 65mph speed zone again, a silver flash flew by me, got even with slower traffic just ahead of me, and then slowed down and blocked me from getting around.

Imagine my surpise when I realized that it was THAT SAME SILVER HONDA WITH THE DENT IN THE TRUNK. I even questioned my own sanity for a moment…I mean…what are the odds of sharing the road with the same nimrod on both legs of the trip, even though it occurred at unusual times of a weekday? Was this guy following me?

I verified that I’m not going crazy by pulling up and looking at the driver, whom I’d gotten several good looks (glares) at on the way into town. Yup…same guy.

Go figure.

I have to admit that on my way home, I was a bit of a jerk. I just decided that I was NOT going to allow this…um…person…to obstruct my drive all the way home so I kept a good eye on him the whole way. Every time he’d start to pass me, I’d speed up and keep him behind me. Then when he’d back off a little, I’d slow back down to my normal speed.

He was behind me pretty much all the way back from Richmond to Newport News.

What are the odds.


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