In case you’re wondering…

…what’s been keeping me so busy over the past few days (other than the Wife’s recovery, of course):

Our church’s web site went Tango Uniform a while back. The host allowed the domain registrations (we had both the .com and .org domains registered) to expire and they were snapped up by some cybersquatter who now wants more money than we’re willing to pay to get them back.

Well, I have a hosted space that I’m not even really using right now. My package includes two domain names and I was only using one. I volunteered to get a basic site up and running for the church so we at least have a web presence again.

It’s still under construction…the only two sections that really have any information in them are the Calendar and the Links…but I’ve gotten the basic framework built. I’m no HTML master, but I can do the basics so I figured this shouldn’t be too hard to keep up with. Anyway, check it out and let me know what you think.

Virginia Beach First Church of the Nazarene

If you’re a blogger and don’t mind giving us a little linky love, we could use the boost to our google ratings too…the top search hits return the old defunct domains.



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