It’s good to live in a free state

I got a physical today. Hadn’t had one in a while so my doc recommended it.

I won’t get the lab results from the whiz quiz or bloodwork back until tomorrow or Friday, but based on the exam, EKG and chest films, the doc said “I wish all my patients were as healthy as you”.

We did decide that I need to drop at least 20 pounds and get more exercise (no surprise there).

And the reason I bring all this up?

We were discussing exercise options and he mentioned walking. One of the places he mentioned was a local city park “but you’d have to carry a baseball bat if you walk there”. To which I rather unthinkingly replied “I’ve got a concealed handgun permit…much better than a baseball bat.”

In this day and age of the AMA’s unfailingly anti-gun stance and stories of doctors prying into gun ownership and safe storage practices as a matter of “health”, I was quite surprised when the good Doctor asked me where I shoot, told me that he’s a shooter too and is in the initial stages of building and opening an indoor pistol range in Suffolk as a business venture with his son.

He’s looking for investors, by the way, so if anyone has any spare change lying around and is interested in a business opportunity…drop me a line and I’ll hook you up with him.

At any rate…further reinforcement that it’s good to live in a free state.

And the next time I have an appointment, I won’t bother to leave the tools in the car.


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