My take on the Presidential debate

I’m posting this before having read any other accounts. I want my opinion to be based solely upon what I saw and untainted by the opinions of others.

First, I only watched about the first 20 minutes…That’s all I could bear.

Obama looked scowly, negative and pessimistic, but his speaking was smooth, articulate and confident.

McCain smiled more and seemed more positive, but seemed flustered, unprepared and unsure of himself.

I also think that McCain failed to respond to the myriads of falsehoods that Obama put out. One of the first things out of Obama’s mouth was the false charge that the current financial crisis is the result of “lack of oversight” and the reduction of regulations under the Bush administration.

He repeated that charge over and over and over again and McCain never once challenged it.

Utter FAIL.

The moderator did a terrible job during the part I was watching as well. He was trying to get them to debate each other, but in the process completely relinquished control. McCain was trying to be civil and tried to avoid interrupting Obama while he was speaking (a courtesy that Obama failed to return), and Jim Lehrer allowed Obama to filibuster repeatedly. Then, when McCain was attempting to reply to Obama’s speaches, Lehrer attempted to cut McCain short several times. To his credit, on a couple of occasions, McCain basically told Lehrer to shut up and let him say his piece, but overall, Obama was getting the majority of the speaking time.

McCain got his ass handed to him. Perhaps he recovered later on after I finally turned it off in disgust, but the part I saw was very disappointing.

Now I’ll go read some other takes on it and see if maybe I’m being a little harsh or if someone can convince me that I wasn’t seeing what I was seeing.


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