The special persecutor…er…prosecutor…in the Ryan Frederick trial has requested a change of venue.

The special prosecutor in the case against Ryan Frederick, a Chesapeake man accused of killing a city detective, wants his murder trial moved out of Hampton Roads.

Ebert said the publicity – some of it inaccurate and based on speculation – makes it impossible for the commonwealth to get a fair trial in Hampton Roads.

Um…isn’t it the ACCUSED that is supposed to be guaranteed a fair trial? Isn’t he guaranteed the right to be tried by “a jury of his peers”?

How often do you hear about prosecutors requesting changes of venue? ESPECIALLY in cases where a cop is killed?

They’re worried. The public has seen through the smokescreen and obfuscation. According to what I’ve read, the granting of such a request would be quite unusual. If the judge grants the request in this case, I’d say it’s a pretty strong indication that the fix is in.


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