The Onion Movie

I don’t usually do movie reviews, but this is more of a public service announcement/warning than a review.

My wife and I rented The Onion Movie. I’ve always enjoyed their web “news”, the previews looked entertaining and we thought, what the heck, how bad can it be?


Don’t waste your money, or the required 90 minutes of your life that could be more constructively spent painting inside the crawlspace or alphabetizing the contents of the refrigerator.

Their brand of satire just doesn’t lend itself well to video. They tried to tie together their short skits with a plot…but failed miserably. Not only was the “plot” very contrived and lacking in…well…pretty much everything you’d expect from a plot…but the skits themselves were long on sophomoric pseudo-humor and very short on the intelligent, but irreverent wit that I’ve come to associate with the web site.

Perhaps it was just directed at a different demographic. I may have found it funny when I was about 15.

One positive thing I can say about it: They definitely did not worry much about political correctness. I guess that’s a positive. Too bad it otherwise just plain sucked.


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