…plays hell on Tidewater drivers.

My wife was experiencing pain and some bleeding from her surgery. The surgeon wasn’t available today so his nurse recommended we go to the ER just in case to get it checked out. They didn’t find anything to worry about, but said that it shouldn’t be causing her this much trouble by now. She’s going to see the surgeon tomorrow.

What does that have to do with rain and Tidewater drivers? Well, It’s been raining heavily all day (it still is…we were about 8 or 9 inches behind on rain for the year…I think we made up the shortfall just with today). On the way to taking her to the Portsmouth Naval Medical Center ER, we were stopped by traffic on 64. As we creeped up to the area that was causing the problem there was a car blocking two lanes, completely smashed and upside down. The firetrucks and ambulances were approaching as we passed, there were plenty of people already there to help and I have no special training or equipment, so I opted to just stay out of the way and keep going, but it was a very serious crash. It looked like the victim was out of the car and several of the helpers were holding umbrellas, raincoats, etc over them to keep the rain off. The way the top of the car was smashed, I have to wonder if the victim was ejected…I can’t imagine they got them out through a window or door as crushed as it was.

At any rate…on the way home several hours later, we ran across another one right at the 64/264 interchange. This time an SUV or mini-van upside down on the road (I was driving so I didn’t take the time to look that well…and it was pretty smashed up and hard to identify too). This time the ambulances were gone and the tow trucks were in the process of getting the smashed cars off the highway.

I’m praying for the victims today, but it is a source of constant amazment to me how nonchalantly most people approach the most dangerous thing they will do on any given day…driving their car on the highway. When it’s pouring down rain, it’s probably not the ideal time to be talking on the cell-phone or fiddling with the radio while bearing a two ton deadly weapon at 70mph.


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