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I just stumbled across this blog this morning.

He’s apparently only been blogging for about a month, but the author puts my thoughts regarding Gun Ownership and especially gun ownership with regard to Christianity in the most succinct, clear and insightful terms I’ve ever seen.

I highly recommend checking out his archives.

A couple of my personal favorites:

Why Christians Should Oppose Gun Registration

“But if you are a law abiding person, why would you be against registering your firearms? Isn’t that the least you could do?” It seems like I get asked this question in every gun related conversation with anti-gun people or even apathetic gun owners (you know the type, they own guns but refuse to believe the Brady types would ever take their guns). It’s a fair and legitimate question, and there is a good answer for it.

The obvious point is that if the 2nd amendment is at least in part to protect the arms of citizens as the last bulwark against a tyrannical government, then allowing the government to keep records on exactly who owns guns negates this. But is the greatest danger from a tyrannical government trying to oppress all citizens, or is it from a popular government turned against a certain group of citizens?

When we look at what is happening in the world, the most horrific violence is generally undertaken by paramilitary groups or citizens to whom the government has turned a blind eye. Groups that undertake violence against some (usually minority) group based on sectarian, racial, political, etc. differences. When this violence takes place the oppressed group has no authority to turn to because the ruling government ignores their plight or is powerless to help it…

Should Christians own guns? What Would Jesus Say?

So while some Christians trying to follow Jesus find the Bible to teach pacifism, others claim the bible as a mandate that Christians should own weapons. And of course there are other biblical passages used for support by either side, though these are generallly the ones most often identified.

As in all biblical debates between believers, it is because all humans view the bible through the goggles of their own conceit, sin, and life experience. We create a rationalization to ignore the passages that don’t appeal to us and revel in the specific parts that do.

But to answer my original question, What Would Jesus Do … to answer that would be a sacrilege. I cannot know what the son of God, the only human who has lived and not been a victim of his own sinful nature, and seen the world through sinful bias, would do. Any comment on this would be a reflection of what I would WANT Jesus to do.

All I can comment on is what he DID do and what he DID say; and while he spoke with perfect wisdom on how to live, how to worship, and how to find salvation … he did not limit nor encourage his followers as to what implements they should obtain for their mortal self defense.

I can’t know what Jesus would do. I can only pray for guidance and decide what I will do. And given the history that I read, and doing my best to analyze the issue from every side I can understand, at this time I choose to own firearms.

There’s plenty there for people of any religious beliefs, but I found his posts relating gun ownership and Christianity to be excellent.

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