Sunday at the Fun Show

The first local gun show after the long summer drought (last one was in May IIRC) was this past weekend.

As usual, I wanted to help out with the VCDL table, unfortunately, the time they needed the most help was Sunday morning. I wanted to do my part, so I played hooky from church. I think God will forgive me this time. I’ve just got to remember to double my tithe next week to make up for the shortfall.

Actually, I’ve never been much for the “sabbath is God’s day” thinking. EVERY day is God’s day. We are always supposed to be praising and glorifying God, not just on Sunday. Sunday is actually for us, not for God. It’s the day that we meet together to fellowship, compare notes, think about our successes and failures over the past week, receive guidance and wisdom from those who have it to offer and give it to those who seek it from us…and just recharge our batteries in general in anticipation of re-entering the Mission field after the day’s worship is over.

Church is not the place where perfect people go to try to fix things…Church is where imperfect, flawed, and broken people go to get fixed. At any rate, as heretical as some people may feel that my opinion about Church is, I don’t see it as a horrific sin to miss one Sunday.

So…off to the gun show I went. It was a good day. I decided that, since I was there anyway, I may as well make a day of it, so I worked the VCDL table from Opening to 1:00pm, and then the Airfield Shooting Club/NRA table from 1 to closing at 5. That also meant, of course, that I missed most of the first full day of NFL football of the season. Sacrifices must sometimes be made.

I personally signed up 3 new VCDL members and a couple of renewals, and 5 new NRA members as well as a couple of renewals there as well.

That was just me. In total, I think we ended up with 14 new VCDL members, 15 renewals and 40 some people signed up for VA-Alerts.

I think we had something like 30 new NRA memberships and about the same number of renewals.

How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time.

Good progress on both fronts if you ask me.

Of course, while there, I had to do some shopping. Didn’t find everything I was looking for (namely spare mags for…well…anything I own). But I did get a couple of Vietnam era canteens and pouches to attach to my Alice style TEOTWAWKI bug out gear. I looked for Alice web belts and suspenders upon request by PDB, but, alas, no joy on that front. I haven’t had a chance to hit the surplus stores yet so keep up hope, my friend.

I also topped off my .45 bowling pin ammo (185 grain hollowpoints), my 7.62x54r (Wolf steel cased soft point) and .22 long rifle (a brick of CCI Blazer) at the Georgia Arms table.

All in all, it was a good day.

At least until Payton Manning and the Colts (sounds like a bad rock band, doesn’t it?) decided to wander aimlessly about the field against the Chicago Bears, rather than actually try to play a coherent game.


They’ll get better. They’ve got too much talent not too. Hopefully this stinging defeat will be a wakeup call and get them focused. It can’t have helped anything that Payton missed the entire pre-season recovering from his knee surgery. Time will tell. The new stadium is freaking huge.

One more note: The Airfield Shooting Club is raffling off a Correct Grade M1 Garand from CMP. They had it on display at the show and it is a beautiful specimen. The tickets are $10 each and only 250 tickets will be sold. The next gun show we’ll be at is the one in Hampton on the 20th and 21st of September so if you want a chance (a pretty good chance at that) at winning a piece of history, don’t miss the opportunity.

The drawing will be held after 250 tickets are sold, or December 28th, whichever comes first.


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