Thank you

Thank you all for the prayers. You came through for us and God answered. The surgery went fine. There was no tumor, there were actually two cysts but they were non cancerous and the doc was able to take care of them laparoscopically which made it an outpatient procedure. She’s home and not in too much pain (of course, the morphine hasn’t completely worn off yet…). They said she’ll be able to resume light activity tomorrow and will only be out of work for two weeks.

Based on the ultra-sounds and CT scans, they expected it to be much worse than it was and the doctor was fully expecting to have to open her up. The fact that it was as relatively minor as it turned out to be is, in my humble opinion, no less than a miracle.

Thank you all for your prayers and well wishes. God heard us and has seen us through…again.

[Update] I’m not gonna post it outright because some may not want to see, but if you’re interested in what cysts look like in their natural habitat…and what they look like as they are being removed…here you go.

I’m no doc so I can’t really explain what you’re seeing there…other than saying “eeew”. [/Update]

[Update2] My best friend’s wife is a physician (actually, I consider her one of my best friends too, but I knew him first). She saw the post and picture and did me the favor of labeling some of the major subassemblies. The pix make a lot more sense when you have an idea of what you’re looking at. Again…in case you’re curious: The illustrated version. [/Update2]


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