These are the days…

…that make me question why I blog. Not necessarily in a bad way, but in a “man, I wish I could write like that” kind of way.

Don Gwinn, the Armed Schoolteacher, with his take on the Appleseed project.

My point is that an Appleseed shoot might really help me, because I DO want to shoot highpower competition, and I think it might be more fun if I sucked less. To argue that Appleseed is lacking because it apes highpower competition doesn’t make a lot of sense to me. Are we against the Civilian Marksmanship Program now? They’re pretty big on the three-position rifleman training over there, too, you know.

I understand the argument that you’re not ready to fight a guerilla action against crack Imperial Stormtroopers (the crack ones still miss, but they don’t give away their positions as quickly) just because you can hit man-sized targets out to 600 yards. But it IS a basic skill, and if you can’t hit that target on demand at closer ranges, it won’t matter much that you also can’t hit a moving, camouflaged target on demand.


Reading how good writers do it often makes me wonder why the few people that read me regularly even bother. Are you just gluttons for punishment?


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