Tidewater Liberty

Has the best synopsis of the Prosecution’s charges against Ryan Frederick that I’ve seen to date:

What we are being asked to believe is that the informant/burglar who was working with the police for two months spontaneously decided to break into Frederick’s garage three days before the raid, and stole half of the still unspecified amount of marijuana he found there but left the rest.

Frederick was smart enough to deduce from this that the police would be coming but dumb enough to warn the informant before the raid that he would resist. He was smart enough to get rid of the plants before the raid, but dumb enough to keep the magazines and misdemeanor amount of pot in his house. Having gotten rid of the felony evidence of cultivation, he decided instead of letting them search and write him a ticket for misdemeanor possession, he would go to war with a large number of heavily armed policemen with a low powered handgun, with no hope of gaining anything by doing so.

No wonder the prosecutor is looking for a different venue, the people of Chesapeake are not idiots.

Said it better than I ever could have.


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