Wanna bet?

I originally saw this story in my news alerts yesterday.

At about 4:30 p.m. Monday, a Department of Public Safety officer stopped a 2003 Dodge Neon at 99th and Grand avenues for having a broken windshield, said Bart Graves, a DPS spokesman. Graves said two teens were in the car.

El Mirage authorities said drugs and a weapon also were found inside the vehicle. According to police, the men were cooperative and told investigators there were more weapons in El Mirage.

DPS conducted a consent search at a residence in the 12300 block of N. Palm Street, where they found and confiscated 10 AK-47 assault rifles, a dozen bayonets, a large amount of marijuana and cash. Graves said the guns are valued at $7,000.

I almost commented yesterday just over the “assault rifles” bs and the estimated value of 10 “AK-47″s at $7000…were they gold plated?

Also, the paper repeatedly referred to them as “teens” even though their ages were revealed to be 19 years old…legal adults for most purposes and what most people would refer to as “men”.

But I didn’t because I already had a couple of other posts up.

Today’s new twist prompted the post.

A federal law-enforcement agency is investigating how and where two El Mirage teens managed to acquire 10 semi-automatic weapons that authorities said were used to intimidate clients who went to their home to buy drugs.

Whaaaaah? They are 19. As far as I know the legal age for buying long guns in Arizona (correct me if I’m wrong any Arizona readers) is 18. So, ostensibly, it was perfectly legal for these “teens” to buy and own the firearms. The only reason to question “how and where” they got them is if they are prohibited persons…but the article didn’t say anything about past criminal records…and if they had past criminal records, they were most likely as juveniles.

I have a theory.

What do you want to bet that the paper, in standard MSM “Politically Correct” form left out a very salient point; what do you want to bet that these two fine, upstanding young “teens” are undocumented immigrants…as well as unlicensed pharmacists and uncredentialed security officers?


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