You’ve gotta admit

They may be deceitful, they may be corrupt, they may be unethical, but they ain’t dumb.

As most of you are probably aware, the Brady Campaign came out with a PSH filled diatribe about how HR 6691 is going to result in adolescents carrying .50 BMGs in the streets of DC and terrorists will be able to establish sandbagged fighting positions on the corners of Pennsylvania Avenue under the new law and the authorities won’t be able to do a thing about it because it will be perfectly legal.

The NRA and others dutifully pointed out the obvious…that the provisions had nothing to do with the law concerning the carrying of firearms, only with keeping them in the home.

Yet, I’m sure there were still some concerned politicians (probably of the Donkey persuasion) who bought into the hyperbole and outright lies.

To assuage those fears and ensure the votes that they need to get the bill passed, some revisions were made that make it absolutely clear that the bill does not pertain to the carrying of arms in public.

Today the Brady Campaign (no link from me) is shrilly screaming “SEE, SEE, SEE….the NRA are LIARS…they had to change the bill because WE WERE RIGHT! and THEY LIED ABOUT IT!”.

You may not admire them for their integrity, but you’ve gotta admit that this was a pretty slick move. If nothing else, you can admire them for the chutzpa.


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