All in a day’s work

Saturday, my son called me and told me to watch the news that night.

I was going to mention this then, but I couldn’t find any good video of the report…I saw it but didn’t think to tape it. Immediately after the news, all they had online was a short little blurb about it. I’m posting it today because I found the video of the full report.

Here’s the story from WISH TV 8 in Indianapolis:

Woman gives birth in restaurant bathroom.

There’s a link to the video report there, but it’s embedded below:

My son is the one behind the bar. He’s worked there for several years as he’s been raising his family and attending ODU full time. He’s a senior and graduates next spring.

This is the second dramatic thing that’s happened to him in his short working career so far. Several years ago, he was a delivery driver for a chinese food place. He was in the store when it was robbed at gunpoint. He ended up testifying in the eventual trial.

He’s talking about becoming a Police Officer after he graduates. If he has this much excitement working at restaurants, I shudder to think what stories he’ll be telling after a few years as a cop…hopefully none about subduing and forcibly arresting mentally challenged hulahoopers…but I digress.


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