Another brand new Virgniia Gun Blogger

And another tale of conversion at Political Write. She’s only been blogging since September 16th, but that initial post is worth your time.

I have been anti-gun all my life. When my sons were little, I wouldn’t allow them to ever own a toy gun. But events in the past few years have radically changed my views.

Her story is interwoven with recent history: 9-11, the beltway sniper, a personal incident with a drug dealer, Virginia Tech. But, unlike so many who are faced with trauma and tragedy and react by lashing out at the tangible vehicles of the trauma, she chose to take an active role in her safety, rather on relying on passive controls and the government to protect her and her family.

I was not going to be a victim anymore. My children were not going to be victims anymore.

I took my first gun safety class, and I got my first concealed carry permit. Some people may be surprized that I have changed. I am surprized that some of them haven’t.

Good on her. Most definitely read the whole thing.

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