Further to the Hula Hoop Lady Incident

A few more details, but the Police still aren’t talking.

Here’s the part that got me:

Police say what started as a noise complaint led them to Brown and that she was shocked repeatedly with a Taser.

Feel safe now?

When Tasers were first becoming trendy, the Police touted them as a “less lethal” alternative to firearms. It is becoming increasingly apparent that that’s not what they’re used for. According to several reports over the past few years, the use of Tasers doesn’t decrease the incidence of shooting at all.

I’m not saying that Tasers don’t have their place. They can be a viable tool as an alternative to physical confrontation…but an alternative to shooting? Not so much. I do, however, think that they are employed WAY too readily by police in situations where they really were not necessary.

Case in point:

After her release Tuesday afternoon, Brown said she didn’t remember anything about Saturday’s arrest. Jail staff returned Brown’s possessions, including a medic-alert necklace reading: “Seizure disorder, metal rod in lower LT leg & pin LT shoulder, allergic to penicillin, aspirin.”

I simply fail to believe that this unarmed (unless you consider a hula hoop a weapon) mentally challenged, physically handicapped, slight of stature, middle aged woman posed enough of a threat to our city’s “finest” that they really needed to electrocute her “multiple times” in order to effect an arrest for the heinous crime of playing her music too loud while exercising.

I certainly hope that the brave Police Officers who “protected and served” the most vulnerable among our society so effectively are proud. I wonder if the city will give them medals.


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