I Am Joe

[Update]: Mulligan (thanks buddy) got me on the right path. Graphic courtesy of GM, posted on Iowahawk, via MArooned. GM permits free use of the graphic for personal use but asks that it be kept off of the commercial sites. He doesn’t want it to enrich any corporate entities. That’s why I bought the sticker stock and printed it myself…which, BTW, was probably less expensive than having two stickers produced professionally anyway. [/Update]

Someone linked to this logo a week ago or so. I can’t remember now who did it, if someone knows, please let me know in comments and I’ll give credit where due.

Click for full size

At any rate, I downloaded it a while back. I finally had a chance to run to the Office Depot and buy some printable, gloss, full sheet sticker stock.

I’m sure everyone knows how “Joe the Plumber” has been villainized by the liberal media because he had the audacity to ask the Obamassiah a direct question about his redistribution plans. This is our way of saying that “Joe” spoke for many of us. When they villianized him, they were villianizing every American who believes in the principles of our forefathers and aren’t looking for government to redistribute the wealth…even if it would directly benefit us (it really wouldn’t, but that is the fantasy that the left is pushing).

We understand the difference between equal OPPORTUNITY and the premise that outcomes should be…or even CAN be…made equal through government intervention. We believe that the government’s job is to help prevent us from being robbed or defrauded or our rights otherwise infringed…and otherwise stay the heck out of our affairs.

We believe that we all have the opportunity to become one of those who make over $250,000 per year and that those who accomplish that goal through hard work, good planning and perseverance, should not be punished for it.

We believe that we have never been offered a job by a poor person and the the government is NOT the solution to all of our problems…but often is, in fact, the problem.

And we believe that asking difficult questions of those whom would fancy themselves our rulers, but are, in fact, our employees, should not be a punishable offense.

We are Joe. And We Vote.


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